Managing Director Torsten Nickel, born 1966 in Herne; graduated as industrial clerk; studies 1990 -1994; 35 years with Schwing – worldwide leading system house for concrete machines – in Herne, thereof 15 years in responsible position in a Schwing subsidiary responsible for the production of customized hydraulic and electronic components; since September 2020 Managing Director at Fluitronics.

Managing Director Lidong Peng, born 1983 in China; graduated Major in International Economics and Trade; joined XCMG in 2006; 2011-2015 Deputy Managing Director of XCMG Poland JV; 2015-2016 Project Manager at Schwing Stetter, Germany; appointed as Managing Director of Fluitronics since 2016; served as Managing Director for both Fluitronics and AMCA since 2018.

Dr.- Ing. Thomas Meindorf, Head of Sales & Technology born 1972 in Cologne; studied mechanical engineering with specialization in production engineering at RWTH-Aachen; diploma thesis 1998 at Fraunhofer Research Center Ann Arbor Michigan/USA; research associate and group leader at the Institute of Fluid Power of RWTH-Aachen (1998 – 2004); PhD at the Institute of Fluid Power of RWTH-Aachen „Sensors for online condition monitoring of pressure media and strategies for signal evaluation“; Argo Hytos Head of Condition Monitoring (2004-2012); Parker Hannifin Head of Techn. Product Support (2012-2016). Responsible for engineering since 2016 and for sales, engineering and service at Fluitronics since 2018.

Our vision

Our goal is to become the leading independent system solution developer and manufacturer in drive technology and to enter into long-term development and manufacturing partnerships with our customers in the best possible way. In accordance with our slogan „Electro meets Hydraulics“, we always use the technology that optimally fulfills the task at hand in the interest of our customers. Our customers benefit from strategic, international sourcing and many years of broad development and manufacturing expertise.

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct contains the essential principles of behavior that reflect the self-image of Fluitronics GmbH. They are the minimum standard for the behavior of all employees and members of the management of Fluitronics GmbH and are applied worldwide to all business units, in all areas of activity – both internally and externally in the behavior towards business partners and customers. The listed principles of conduct are equivalent and do not determine any priority by their order.

I. Compliance with laws

For Fluitronics GmbH, compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is of great importance, as their observance – nationally and internationally – is essential for the long-term success of the company. We also attach great importance to this with our business partners. Any violation of the applicable laws and regulations as well as of the principles of conduct of Fluitronics GmbH will not be tolerated by us, will be sanctioned appropriately under contractual and labor law and, if necessary, will be subject to criminal prosecution.

II. Social behavior and ethical action

The appreciation, respect and respectful treatment of all employees, whether among themselves or towards business partners and other third parties, is essential for us as a sign of our tolerant and cosmopolitan corporate culture. Fluitronics GmbH also takes care that employees do not get into situations where their personal and/or financial interests collide with those of the company or its business partners. At the same time, Fluitronics GmbH expects loyalty from its employees.

Fluitronics GmbH rejects any form of discrimination, whether based on nationality, ethnic origin, age, physical impairment, sexual orientation, gender, religion or any other reason.

We are also particularly concerned with the observance and protection of human rights and the rejection of any form of illegal employment (in particular forced labor, child labor and illegal employment).
We also observe compliance with the aforementioned principles when selecting our business partners.

III. Integrity towards competitors, business partners and third parties

Fluitronics GmbH takes care that the members of the management and their employees always act with integrity towards their competitors, business partners and third parties and do not influence the decisions of customers and business partners in an unfair, anti-competitive and/or criminal way.

We therefore attach great importance to ensuring that corruption has no place in our company. We strictly reject bribery and corruption. In particular, we do not grant any legally inadmissible benefits to public officials worldwide, either directly or indirectly via third parties. Our invitations or gifts in business dealings are within the bounds of what is socially customary.

We face the competition of the market economy and convince through the quality and safety of our products and services. We are characterized by entrepreneurial action, as we know the market environment and customer requirements and take responsibility for our products and services. We do not tolerate price fixing, market sharing, anti-competitive boycotts or other unfair methods of competition.

IV. Prevention of money laundering

Fluitronics GmbH complies with its obligation to prevent money laundering. When selecting our business partners, we ensure that they operate in a reputable and legally compliant manner in order to prevent transactions that may indicate money laundering.

V.  International Business

Fluitronics GmbH as an internationally active group of companies pays attention to the compliance with the relevant foreign trade laws and regulations, especially to the fulfillment of all current requirements and legal specifications from the area of export control as well as customs law.

VI. Protection of property

Responsible handling of the products, work equipment and other assets of Fluitronics GmbH is important to us. We use the property of Fluitronics GmbH only for the fulfillment of official tasks and do not allow ourselves to be diverted from this by private benefits from third parties.

VII. Occupational health and safety

A safe working environment is an important concern for Fluitronics GmbH. We attach great importance to safety in the workplace and to implementing and complying with the respective national regulations on occupational safety and health protection.

VIII. Handling of confidential information and intellectual property

Fluitronics GmbH takes the legal regulations on data protection seriously and observes them when collecting, storing, processing or transferring personal data.

The intellectual property of Fluitronics GmbH and its business partners, in particular internal company data, processes and plans, is of great importance to us. We therefore protect our own and third party business and trade secrets, regardless of the form in which they exist.

IX. Environmental protection

Fluitronics GmbH is committed to its responsibility for environmental protection and the careful use of natural resources such as water, energy, materials and surfaces. We take care that our business activities are environmentally friendly. We also expect this from our suppliers and other business partners.

Krefeld, January 01, 2021

The Management Board of Fluitronics GmbH