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Fluitronics accompanies the entire product life cycle from development to product discontinuation, disposal and the aftermarket.

As a rule, a team of specialists works together on a project.

The central planning of technical, commercial, scheduling, procurement, logistical and manufacturing issues is carried out by the project management team. Target costs are always part of the requirements specification. A project manager is assigned to each development project.

In addition, team members from design, electronics and software development and prototype construction are assigned to the project.

My name is Marcel Wegner, I was born in 1979, and I am responsible for the design team at Fluitronics.

I am a trained mechatronics and mechanical engineering technician. With my many years of experience as a design engineer in special machine construction, I do not see myself at Fluitronics primarily as a reinforcement in the hydraulic field, but more as a link to many other mechanical engineering disciplines. In this way, I drive forward the unification of hydraulics with its control block and aggregate construction, electrics, electronics and electromechanics, as well as all other necessary design elements around it.

My goal is always the best possible overall product. This should not only meet the customer’s requirements, but in the best case exceed them. In addition to the product itself, my team and I also try to understand the market in which the product is to be placed. This often enables us to anticipate other possible end customer requirements and technical possibilities during the design and development phase, and to propose them to you as our customer.

Marcel Wegner, Head of Project Management & Construction


Hydraulics equipment

Hydraulic test bench
Aggregate test bench
Sound measurement
Low temperature measurement
Heating cabinet
Thermo camera

Equipment prototype production
Equipment electrical laboratory

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