Custom Development

Fluitronics accompanies the entire product life cycle, from development to production, product maintenance, repair and the aftermarket. Extensive services are covered:

  • Customer consultation and determination of customer requirements
  • Development of hydraulic and electrical circuit diagrams
  • Component design, selection and procurement
  • Selection and programming of control systems
  • Manufacturing and assembly
  • Extensive product testing and validation

Each development project is assigned a project manager who is responsible for central planning on technical, commercial, scheduling, procurement, logistics and manufacturing issues. Target costs are always part of the requirements specification. During customer-specific development, a team of specialists from various departments then works together on a project. Thus, hydraulic engineers, design engineers, electronic engineers as well as software developers are involved in the development if required.

Basic Development

In order to always offer our customers technically advanced and at the same time cost-effective solutions, Fluitronics is also committed to researching, developing and testing new types of technology, such as the implementation of Bluetooth solutions, Control Area Network protocols (CAN bus) or the implementation of Parts-In-Body solutions in hydraulic control blocks. Here, Fluitronics works with several partners to establish technical progress together with our customers.


As part of the final product testing, experienced mechatronics and hydraulics engineers test the prototype. For this purpose, Fluitronics has its own department, the “Prototype Construction”, which serves to validate the product and its performance according to customer specifications.

My name is Fabian Guse. I am responsible for the design department at Fluitronics, as well as coordinating and supporting the development of new ideas and products that drive technical progress within Fluitronics. By technical progress, I don’t just mean the best solution in terms of engineering and technology. Rather, we develop the optimal solution for our customers from an economic, strategic (e.g. supply-strategic) and functional-technical point of view. This is already practiced and implemented during product development.

Coming from a research background, I build upon my experience as a research assistant and group leader when developing new solutions. As the group leader of a research group at the Institute for Fluid Power Drives and Systems at RWTH Aachen University, I was able to get to know a wide range of hydraulic problems and solution approaches through close interaction with partners from industry – and as a research assistant I was also able to go into depth and analyze and research current fluid power issues in detail.

My goal at Fluitronics is to use the latest know-how to meet the broad customer requirements and wishes and, in the best case, to exceed them.

Dr.-Ing. Fabian Guse, Head of Design Department