Whistleblower Protection Act

External reporting office Fluitronics GmbH

With effect from July 2, 2023, the Federal Republic of Germany has implemented the European Whistleblower Directive into German law through the Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz (German) (Whistleblower Protection Act).

This will provide employees with a regulatory framework to enable them to better report violations of the law or corresponding suspicions in the company, corruption, harassment and discrimination in future.

To protect the whistleblower, the company is obligated to set up a qualified reporting office, that treats the identity of the whistleblower confidentially. The company is strictly forbidden to take reprisals against the whistleblower for making a conscientious report. The whistleblower will receive feedback on the fate of his or her report.

Fluitronics also offers the same reporting option and the same protection to persons who are not employed by the company and who are in contact with the company in the course of their professional activities (e.g. employees of the company’s customers and suppliers, former employees, service providers).

There is no obligation to report, it is purely voluntary. However, Fluitronics expressly welcomes relevant reports in order to be able to quickly identify and remedy or prevent any violations. The external reporting office of Fluitronics offers the following reporting channels.

External reporting office Fluitronics GmbH