Quality Control & Claim Management

Customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal

Fluitronics is a specialist in the development of customized solutions, which also means that customer support and service is a very important factor at Fluitronics.

Our customers appreciate the quality of all our products and services. We are known for our extensive know-how as well as for our capacity and flexibility in the production of electro-hydraulic-hydraulic power packs and control blocks. We provide customer service that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations. We respond to inquiries immediately.

Special solutions require special approaches, which means that customer service is in direct communication with development and production. Fluitronics incorporates customer feedback into its products to continuously improve and optimize them.

When challenges arise, Fluitronics ensures that its customers receive the best possible customer service and support. Through fixed and established processes, Fluitronics enables a rapid cost-optimized and goal-oriented handling of customer-specific solutions and queries.

My name is Daniel Kirschenmann. I am responsible for customer service and prototyping at Fluitronics. I coordinate customer inquiries in case of a complaint, a repair or technical queries.

In addition, I am responsible for complaints in the direction of our suppliers and carry out supplier audits as required. For the prototype construction department, I organize the on-time construction and initial sampling of prototypes and initial samples.

I started my career at the largest European electric motor manufacturer with an apprenticeship as an industrial mechanic. Following my apprenticeship, I was given the opportunity to take over as team leader for the machining parts production. During my in-service training as a mechanical engineering technician, I worked as a service technician for a special machine manufacturer in the food sector. After my training as a mechanical engineering technician, I was able to contribute my accumulated experience from service to the design and further development of special machines.

Since 2019 I am now working at Fluitronics and together with my team I am working on offering our customers the best possible service.

Daniel Kirschenmann, Head of Service & Repair