Customer Service & Claim Management

Complaint procedure

  1. Submission of the complaint request by the customer
  2. Examination of the complaint request by Fluitronics
  3. Transmission of a complaint number (RMA) and release of the complaint by Fluitronics
  4. Sending in of the complained goods under indication of the complaint number
  5. Sending of the goods receipt confirmation by Fluitronics to the customer
  6. Examination of the rejected goods and determination of the cause of the complaint
  7. Sending of the preliminary report by Fluitronics
  8. If necessary repair release by the customer
  9. Repair or exchange of the rejected goods

Complaint inquiry

In order to ensure a smooth complaint handling we would like to ask you to submit your complaint officially via this complaint form. Here you also have the possibility to upload additional information.

After checking your complaint request, our staff will issue a complaint release within one working day by sending you a complaint number. Please use this complaint number in all further correspondence.

Service requests

You have a need for service support. Please contact us (Contacts).

Requests for individual quality assurance agreements

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