Our slogan “Individual diversity serialized” stands for what Fluitronics does for its customers. We help them implement their drive technology series solutions.

This ranges from the planning and concept phase through the development and sample phase to series production.

Fluitronics designs and develops purely based on the wishes of its customers and the most technically and commercially viable solution. This means that Fluitronics is flexible with regard to the chosen drive technology and the selection of possible suppliers.

Solutions are developed for mobile applications, e.g. construction machinery, agricultural machinery, municipal machinery, industrial trucks, transport technology, leisure industry, automotive engineering, as well as for stationary applications. Stationary fields of application are, for example, press construction, park plant construction, and the construction of industrial plants.

On both the development and production sides, Fluitronics is geared to series production quantities of 10 to 10,000 units per year.


The choice of technology for finding a solution is either specified by the customer or results from economic or technical requirements.

Purely hydraulic solution concepts as well as electro-hydraulic solution concepts or electromechanical solution concepts are used for drive technology tasks.

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Valve technology

A wide variety of valve designs – e.g. cartridge, CETOP, sandwich, subplate valves – and operating principles – e.g. poppet valves or spool valves – are used in hydraulic control engineering tasks.

Pumps – Motors

The customer’s requirements can also be met on the pump or motor side, both in terms of the displacer principle, the displacer volume, the suitability for a wide range of operating conditions, the costs and the noise development. Internal and external gear pumps, piston pumps both as constant displacement units and variable displacement pumps are used.

Decision matrix when which displacement principle is suitable.


For cylinders, Fluitronics works together with well-known cylinder manufacturers, but also has access to cylinder production within the group. For special requirements, special cylinders can also be implemented, e.g. based on extruded profiles.

Plunger cylinders as well as synchronous cylinders and differential cylinders are used.