Parts-in-Body Technology

What is Parts-in-Body Technology

In general there are three possible designs for hydraulic manifolds. In Industry the most common design is the CETOP construction. In mobile technology or in case of medium quantities screw in cartridge technology is often used. In case of medium to high quantity demand special customized parts-in-body-design is beneficial.

Advantages of Parts-in-Body-Design

The advantages of parts-in-body design are shown in the following enumeration.

  • Valves integrated directly in the hydraulic block

  • material savings & efficient layout

  • Different valves can be realized (relief, check & directional control valves)

  • Direct control or pilot operated

  • Flexible connector types (DIN, AMP, Deutsch, flying leads)

  • Only useful for higher quantities

Realization in Casting

Parts-in-Body design can be realized in standard milled and honed manifold design. But it also is possible to base the design on a casting blank. Subsequently examples of a casting design are shown.