Customer Information 08-2023: Additional information to your order confirmation

Dear customer,

You have received our order confirmation. Please consider the following additional information:
1) Fluitronics General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Delivery: Our deliveries are subject to the General Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Delivery, which can be downloaded from our media centre.
2) Technical specification, testing and approval: The products delivered to you are customer-specific developments or parts that are used in a customer-specific application. A prerequisite for the correct delivery of faultless goods is that there is a complete specification of the relevant technical features that has been officially confirmed by Fluitronics.
Before a series delivery, it is necessary that the product has been sufficiently qualified in the final application within the scope of a sampling phase. As the customer, you are obliged to carry out the tests and to give the final approval of the initial samples.
3) Framework supply: Framework agreements commercially secure a defined sales price for an agreed delivery quantity in a fixed period of time – usually e.g. one year. The exact demand dates must be scheduled in parallel to the framework agreement with individual fixed orders that refer to the framework agreement.
Since Fluitronics itself enters into purchase agreements with its suppliers, it is important that the quantities agreed in the framework are also purchased in the defined time. However, should there be any postponements, this must be coordinated with each other at an early stage, at least 4 months before the end of the framework agreement, and the framework must be adjusted in terms of time.
It is also necessary to discuss connection frames with Fluitronics at least 6 weeks before acceptance of the last frame quantities. Only by placing an order early can the timely supply of connections be ensured.

Many thanks!

Dr.-Ing. Thomas Meindorf / Head of Sales and Technology Development

Krefeld, 02 of August 2023