Experience health – strengthen resources

17.08.2023 Health Day at Fluitronics powered by TK

Fluitronics cares about the health of its employees. That’s why we organised our 2nd health day on the subject of exercise together with the Techniker Krankenkasse health insurance fund.

Endurance check  

Good basic endurance protects against many diseases. However, due to frequent sitting at work and in private, this is often poorly developed. Laura Voß from the IPN (Institute for Prevention and Aftercare) tested our fitness on the cross trainer with a six-minute exercise test. Afterwards, she gave us helpful tips on how to improve our fitness.

Impulse talk

“Exercise does wonders for the mind” – Karla Grabow from NAP! gave an inspiring talk in the morning on why exercise is simply important and how every single step keeps us healthy. Finally, there was a relaxation session with a dream journey through the forest.

Moving break   

Breathe deeply, stretch our limbs – Kennet from Cuawo led us through a half-hour mobilisation and strengthening programme for the entire body and activated, loosened and strengthened our strained muscles with the help of a Thera-Band from TK. Adapted to the needs of our employees in production and administration, there were 2 moving breaks.

As a substitute for our contact person Doreen Kaluza, Kira Flüter from TK was available for us throughout the day.

Healthy. Motivated. Successful.