Screw-in valves

The use of screw-in valves allows for extremely compact hydraulic control systems to be designed in block format. Thanks to the ability to swap out entire cartridges, it remains a service-friendly solution. Fluitronics has the right valve for almost all functions and pressure requirements. These valves are also usually in stock and available most of the time. Furthermore, Fluitronics also offers as a service the adjustment of pressure levels for pressure limiting valves, and has an extensive selection of magnetic coils in all tensions and with all connection types in stock. Standard valve units (line body) in standard sizes for pipeline applications are available together with the valves direct from the warehouse.

Slip-in valves

Fluitronics offers an array of solutions with cartridge valves manufactured according to DIN or our own standards (compact) with a passive or active function. Together with our control covers and the corresponding control valves with screw-in valve technology, they can be combined to fulfil almost all switching functions. The advantage of this technology lies in the realisation of larger flow rates while keeping pressure losses to a minimum.

Cetop valves

High-performance 4-way valves regulate the start, direction, and stop in hydraulic cycles and comply with the ISO 4401 standard. With the use of intermediate plates, these valves can be connected to form complex circuits. These directional spool valves are controlled directly and actuated via magnets with DIN connectors or AMP connectors. Intermediate plates for the valves in the nominal sizes 4, 6 and 10 are also available for all popular versions.

Mobile valves

We offer sandwich or monoblock valves in various sizes — developed specially for mobile applications. The actuation variants are: mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or electric; combinations of these variants are also possible. These valves are available for volume flow rates of up to 200 l/min.