Axial Piston pump

Fluitronics offers axial piston pumps for medium and high pressures with a constant or regulated volume flow rate for use in open or in closed circuits. Depending on the application scenario, the pumps are available with a special pressure or volume flow rate Regulator.

Gear pump

Thanks to their simple design, gear pumps are produced cost-effectively in large-scale production runs. The range of applications is diverse. Often, gear pumps are also installed as auxiliary pumps for piston pumps, or 2-3 gear pumps are combined to form a multiple pump. Fluitronics offers a wide range of aluminium and cast iron pumps with numerous flange variants. The volume displacement ranges up from 19 cm³ for nominal size 0,25 and up to 200 cm³ in nominal size 4. Particular attention is paid to a design that reduces noise and pulsation as much as possible.

Hydrostat units

These product lines are compact axial piston units for use in hydrostatic drives. Hansa TMP offers a complete range of variable displacement pumps as well as variable and constant speed motors between 7 and 110 cc per rotation for the closed circuit. The focus here is on compact travel drives with pump sizes between 7 and 34 cc per rotation and operating pressures of 210 bar. This results in outputs of 7 to 61 kW per pump stage.