KH compact power packs

Fluitronic's compact power packs from the KH series are suited to stationary and mobile industrial and vehicular applications. Depending on the application scenario, versions with direct current (12V, 24V, 48V) as well as single- and 3-phase alternating current (230V and 400V) are available. The standard KH series can be configured easily, is available at short notice and easy to assemble thanks to its modular design, and particularly suited for single units and small series. Electrical drive power ratings range from 0.5 to 4.5 kW, and the tank sizes range up to 15 liters. In addition to solutions with screw-in valves, there are also flange-mountable CETOP valves on multi-station subplates.

Custom power packs

For machines and devices in medium-sized and large series, customer-specific solutions are often the best choice, and combine hydraulic control technology with the electrically-driven supply pump. Such aggregates can be outfitted with customised tank sizes in all shapes and dimensions. The valve control is connected to the aggregate in a cable-free manner, and additional functions such as a hand pump, manual valve operation or electrical operation turn the entire combination into a functional component, or 'hydro compact unit'. At Fluitronics, these aggregates are mounted on special workspaces and tested to ensure 100 % functionality.

Stationary power packs

Fluitronics provides stationary power packs for series applications with a drive power rating of 10 kW; drives with a higher power rating are available upon request. In this case, the price-performance ratio is a priority, and the aggregate concept, as well as the components used, are tailored to the customer's individual needs. Other issues include batch sizes, logistics and the functional layout of the robust overall unit. If standard cast aluminium tanks prove unsuitable, aggregates with steel tanks that can hold up to approx. 150 litres will be manufactured. Usually, gear pumps or multiple pumps are used; in solutions where noise is an issue, vane pumps or internal gear pumps are used. Manifolds, filtration and additional elements (heating and fill level display) are integrated into the tank elegantly and without the use of cables.

High-pressure power packs

Together with the 'WIMMER' radial piston pump manufactured by Fluitronics, power packs for supply pressures from 500 to 700 bar — in certain cases up to 1000 bar — are developed for special applications. The radial piston pumps can be delivered as a complete, ready-to-connect hydraulic unit together with a drive motor, pump bracket, oil receptacle, high- and low-pressure valves, as well as various add-on modules.