Gear motors

Like gear pumps, gear motors are manufactured cost-effectively in large-scale production runs. Fluitronics offers a wide range of aluminium and cast iron pumps. The volume cover a displacement range from 2.8 cm³ for assembly group 1 to 87 cm³ in assembly group 3.

Orbital engines

High Performance

These are hydraulic motors that, depending on the series, are called 'Gerotor-', 'Geroler-' or VIS-'Valve-in-star motors', in accordance with the corresponding technical design principles used in each case. These slow-moving motors cover a displacement range of 8 cm³ to 940 cm³ and are often used in traction drives because they are compact and cost-effective drive elements. There are versions available with and without a bleed oil connection. Furthermore, versions such as '2 speed motors' with a speed sensor and a brake are also available. There are motors with line connections on the side or on the rear, as well as a wide variety of connecting flanges and shaft types.


High-performance motors in a cost-effective version with reduced performance requirements, but the same performance principle. With this series, Fluitronics offers hydraulic motors which rely on the gerotor principle in the low-cost segment. These motors are suitable for seasonal operation and are often used in the agricultural sector. The staggered connectors located on the side make the motor market-compatible and allow for easy replacement. All versions are available direct from the warehouse, and are characterised by their robust and approved quality.

Rotary actuator

These drives rely on a rotary blade, and combine compact dimensions, a high performance density and low friction with durability in a simple design. Fluitronics has a wide range of rotary drives from various series which can pivot by up to 340°. Depending on the application, a wide array of shafts such as solid and hollow shafts are available, as are housings made of aluminium or iron.