Hydraulic electric generator

Fluitronics' hydraulic electric generators are in demand wherever current has to be supplied that is independent from the mains. It quickly and reliably delivers alternating electrical current up to a power output of 7.0 kVA. This allows companies in the agricultural, forestry, road construction or mining sectors to always have electricity available for tools, machines, and lighting or work platforms of all types. Because a hydraulic drive is already available, it can simultaneously and intelligently be used for the generation of electrical energy. Why operate a separate electric generator? With a weight of 26 kg, the Fluitronics power generator weighs only half as much as a conventional electric generator. It can be installed easily anywhere, and thanks to its compact design, can even be integrated into mobile machines to save space. Hence, users not only save on costs for a separate electric generator. However, even in terms of operational costs, the use of Fluitronics generators is worth it: The robust design equates to a long service life, and the generator is characterised by its low service and maintenance costs. When working in a sensitive environment, such as residential areas, the significantly lower exhaust and noise emission levels make hydraulically-driven generators the perfect choice.