The development process is where we really shine.

Being a system partner does not simply mean being the company that designs and manufactures a component. For us, it means having exactly the right expertise to perfectly manage the entire process of customised product development — from the first consultation to taking care of mass production. We are only satisfied when your first-class product is successful on the market. 


In a personal meeting with you, our sales manager clarifies the requirements of the product to be developed, as well as the schedule and the goals of the collaboration. The project is then given the green light, and you are constantly updated on its progress.

Conceptual design

Innovative approaches and technical know-how are important in this step. The sales engineer and the project head develop a concept and draft circuit diagrams, lists of parts, and an initial design draft. The decision on how the goals are to be achieved is then made.

Design engineering

The project then takes shape: In a CAD system, the virtual product is created as a 3D model with a dimension sheet. Once this process is complete, the design is ready.

Building the prototype

We then move on to the real world from the virtual world. Once the components have been manufactured or obtained, the prototype is built and comprehensively tested as an initial model.

Preparing for series production

Once the prototype has proven itself and all details have been agreed upon, preparations are made for mass production. For this purpose, the required documents are drafted and production and logistics plans are made in order to ensure smooth delivery.