A career at Fluitronics

We are a dynamic company with years of experience, yet retain a modern image. The new challenges we are faced with daily continuously demand fresh ideas. Flat hierarchies and short decision-making processes allow for the rapid implementation of ideas and even help with the achievement of ambitious goals. Our company culture and management style are characterised by mutual respect, constructive cooperation and creative thinking outside the box. These basic principles, combined with the motivation and fulfilment we derive from our work, shape the working environment. Quality and capable employees in all positions are what secure Fluitronics' long-term success. This is why personnel acquisition, apprenticeships, promoting the development and continued education of employees, as well as the management of employees' assignments are viewed with such importance.

Fluitronics as an employer

As a think tank and an innovative systems builder, we offer modern and flexible jobs in all areas. Correspondingly, our employees are given a great deal of responsibility and accorded the freedom to develop their personalities. They use this freedom to help shape the company's future and to implement the best possible solutions for our customers. Hence, we support our employees in a targeted manner over the long term. This means that we give them the opportunity to grow with us in the long term, both on a professional as well as a personal level.

Thinking of becoming part of our team?

Whether you're a fresh graduate or already possess years of experience and knowledge — we are looking for people who are keen on contributing to the company's success.

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Open positions

We are constantly on the lookout for highly-motivated individuals...

Looking for a challenge? You have comprehensive professional knowledge, are committed, and set yourself ambitious goals? Then have a look at our vacancies!



We are always glad to impart our knowledge.

Our two- to three-year apprenticeships have a varied and attractive curriculum. The use of modern technologies, the opportunity to work in different company departments, and the intensive project work and teamwork are exciting and educational at the same time.

If you possess a good school diploma Fachoberschulreife (qualification for a technical college), Höhere Handelsschule (high-level commercial college), Abitur (approx. 'A'-levels), personal commitment, flexibility, team spirit, and are interested in an apprenticeship with a varied programme leading up to a qualification - you've come to the right place.

Please send us your complete application documents, including a CV, a photo and copies of your last two certificates.

Unfortunately this apprenticeship is already engaged for the time beeing.

Unfortunately this apprenticeship is already engaged for the time beeing.

Unfortunately this apprenticeship is already engaged for the time beeing.

School Students

We are always glad to impart our knowledge.

We provide young adults with a peek at working life. Perhaps you're interested in a work placement for school students, or would like to gain initial experience as part of a holiday job? At the same time, you can explore your interests and put your abilities to the test and find out if you can imagine working in this field in the future.

If you're still attending school or are about to finish, you've probably considered what your future profession might be. A work placement at Fluitronics will provide you with insight into how your future job might look like. This can be organised in the form of a student work placement as part of an occupational orientation measure, as an industrial placement, or on a voluntary Basis.

We offer you the opportunity of obtaining insight into the various areas at an early stage of your life, and to get to know the working world a little better. You will be assigned a supervisor for the whole length of your placement who will be able to answer any questions or address any requests you may have.

Interested? Send us your application by mail or online. Remember to inform us when you would like to start, the length of your work placement, as well as the departments and areas you would like to get to know better.


University students

Theory is all dreary?

No problem! Add a little colour to university life with a work placement at Fluitronics. We offer students of technical and economic fields a diverse array of opportunities to get to know our innovative and internationally active company.

Show us what you already know in a work placement or internship, while learning a lot more at the same time! Seize the opportunity to complete your final thesis under the supervision of experts — and complete your course with honours. You never know — a short stint could lead to a successful long-term career at Fluitronics!

What does the future hold?

Try out a range of new things. Keep your eyes open and take advantage of opportunities. A work placement is always a good decision if you're searching for something that is the best fit for your expectations where your professional future is concerned. With curiosity, commitment and initiative. Show us what you are capable of. Leave a lasting impression — with a work placement in a diverse number of areas. Get in touch with us!


Theory meets reality

At Fluitronics, you have the opportunity to use your theoretical knowledge in practice. In challenging issues, you will be able to get to know the tasks, objectives, and structures of our company better. We offer interesting opportunities for student research projects, bachelor, master, and diploma theses from a diverse range of study fields such as machine engineering, business studies, computer engineering, electrical engineering and ergonomics.

This will allow you to showcase what you have learnt. Working closely with your supervisors at the university and Fluitronics, objectives and milestones will be defined for your project. This allows everyone to know exactly where they stand and what their next steps will be. Let us use the time collaboratively, and perhaps even prepare you optimally to join Fluitronics at a later stage. Please contact us to discuss the topics you would like to work on.