Ideas arise through communication.

A company that wants to offer excellent solutions needs to first know and understand its customers' needs. Hence, for us, engineering begins with the first customer meeting. Communication is the basis for successful product development and a healthy supplier-customer relationship.

Collaborative partnerships

We offer you more than just products. As a systems supplier/integrator, we are not dependent on individual manufacturers, and select the best hydraulics solution together with users. Our motto: Top quality. The real test of a partnership comes when complications arise. With mutual respect, a willingness to compromise and fairness, even the most difficult of problems can be solved. We greatly value collaborative partnerships — long-term, permanent cooperation based on trust. This is how tomorrow's technology is created. Inspired and visionary.

At home in a wide range of industry sectors

Each sector has its own specific requirements for hydraulics. This is why at Fluitronics, we have experienced industry managers for key applications, who are posted all over Europe. We are active partners for agricultural machines, construction machinery, municipal vehicles, compact presses, drilling technology, material handling and marine applications, as well as energy engineering, lifting equipment, and medical engineering. We offer optimal technical solutions that were conceived specifically for each individual sector.

Customer-friendly know-how

Our competent sales colleagues remain your partner for the collaborative project after the initiation of contact. We are always investigating alternatives to existing solutions and approaches, offer additional services, and provide comprehensive documentation in order to be able to understand development decisions that were made even years down the road. The combination of hydraulics with electronics and mechanics, as well as an eye for efficiency, are indispensable for an integrated project.


Vertical drill head drive

  • Latest generation of Geroler motors
  • Two-speed operation that can be switched/switched on
  • In combination with customer-specific manifolds: 5-speed-gear
  • Electrical speed change during engagement


  • High torque
  • High idle speed
  • Reduction in weight
  • Small installation dimensions

Integrated electrical power supply for wheelchair lifts

  • Ready-to-install module
  • Sensor-driven lifting/lowering application
  • Combination of electrical relay control and hydraulic valve technology
  • Optimised for efficient operation
  • Cost-optimised by including the customer in the process
  • Hydraulic unit's noise Levels and installation space are optimised

Construction equipment

Precision and maximum performance combined with high-performance drive and control systems are indispensable for today's construction machinery. Our team of engineers is always ready to help you come up with the optimum solution in order to comply with changing requirements with regard to increasingly strict emissions guidelines and counteract constantly rising energy costs, while at the same time improving the effectiveness of the installations. With years of systems know-how, innovative partners, a comprehensive body of experience and through participation in research projects, Fluitronics has established itself as a prominent systems partner for all challenges related to construction machinery.

High-pressure hydraulics

The Wimmer pump is used in applications where that 'little extra' is required. These radial piston pumps can generate up to 1000 bar, which is why they are used in press machinery, in aggregate construction, or in rescue equipment, e.g. in devices such as the 'jaws of life'. Thanks to their design, these pumps can also be used to generate multiple identical volume flows, which is advantageous in situations where cylinders need to run synchronously. This allows e.g. up to 6 identical volume flows to be created with a 6-piston pump without having to use a flow divider, which results in a loss of pressure.